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Kalmar equipment keeps BMW on the road

In two years of working with Kalmar, we have lost no time due to these machines. Josef Huf, Operations Manager, BMW

The smooth cooperation between BMW and Kalmar ensures that the delivery of vital car parts from Wackersdorf in Bavaria, southern Germany to locations around the world runs like clockwork.



BMW logistics centre


Total annual shipments:

2.5 million parts


Wackersdorf, Bavaria, Germany





Approx. 700





Keeping BMW on the road

La sfida

Ensuring that car parts reach their destination on time involves a complex chain of events that begins at BMW’s Wackersdorf logistics centre in Germany. BMW’s operations manager Josef Huf explains: “We need to guarantee that the empty containers are removed from trains and replaced with full containers – every day we need to move around 80 containers to specific deadlines.” A missed train can add up to EUR 80,000 to the transportation cost.

La soluzione

Three Kalmar reachstackers and a terminal tractor equipped with a container mover transport components around the logistics centre. The reachstacker can quickly load and unload containers from waiting trains, ensuring that the trains reach Hamburg in time for shipping. The terminal tractor can load containers onto trucks without the need for additional lifting equipment, and is small enough to manoeuvre inside the warehouse.

I risultati

According to BMW, the reliability of the Kalmar equipment, backed up by outstanding technical and service support, could not have been better. If the process were to be interrupted, the whole chain would break down and nothing would move. “In two years of working with Kalmar, we have lost no time due to these machines,” says Huf.