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Broekman Logistics

“We were looking for a flexible partner who can help us grow and support our operations in a long term way.” RIK PEK, MANAGING DIRECTOR, BROEKMAN LOGISTICS

Name:Broekman Logistics
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Employees: 800
Total capacity: 5.000.000 ton Steel & Metals

Heavy handling at full speed

Broekman Logistics needed Reachstackers for container handling and large forklifts to handle breakbulk. Kalmar was able to provide the full package.

La sfida

Broekman Logistics is a full service logistics
organisation specialising in ocean,
road, rail, air and multimodal transport.
Headquartered in Rotterdam, Broekman
Logistics has over the last years seen a
rapid expansion of their operations in the
Netherlands in its three different terminals.
– “We were looking for a flexible partner
who can help us grow and support our operations
in a long term way. Kalmar with its
reliable machines and flexibility as a service
provider was exactly what we were looking
for in order to expand our business” says
Rik Pek, Managing Director.

La soluzione

Broekman Logistics has signed a frame
agreement with Kalmar for full operational
lease of 15 Kalmar Forklift Trucks and three
Kalmar Reachstackers. The agreement is
for a full operational lease including service,
maintenance and parts. Kalmar will also be
undertaking service of third party equipment
in Broekman Logistics Terminals. All
machines were delivered in the beginning of
2015 to the three different terminals in the

I risultati

The various machines are used for different
material handling needs in Broekman
Logistics terminals. The forklifts are mainly
used for steel handling in Broekman’s Steel
and Metal terminal where they handle steel
coils and aluminium. The steel coils weigh
25 tonnes each and are handled by a 33
ton capacity DCG330-12 forklift equipped
with coilram. The Reachstackers are used
for container handling operations throughout
the 3 different terminals in the Netherlands.
Reachstacker driver Martin de Jong
comments the new DRG450 Reachstacker;
– “The new machine is very good, easy
to operate and very comfortable. The colour
display is easy to read and I can easily
see how much tonnage I handle".