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Shuttle Carriers

Kalmar Shuttle Carriers, when moving containers at speed is important.

Kalmar’s third generation of Shuttle Carriers enables you to decouple your container movements from quayside to landside in your container terminal or yard, allowing your cranes to operate at their optimal best at all times. Kalmar Shuttle Carriers are able to pick and place containers directly on the ground, so other cranes are never kept waiting and are free to get on with their main job, moving containers. 


Kalmar Shuttle Carriers are a flexible solution that can:


  • Load and unload trucks
  • Carry containers and stack them 1 over 1
  • Work with other cargo handling cranes
  • Be integrated into your rail exchange
  • Move containers to and from reefer stacks
  • Operate effectively between your warehouse or depot and main yard.


Kalmar Shuttle Carriers are highly manoeuvrable and agile.

Kalmar’s range of shuttle carriers are extremely agile. Our electric shuttle carriers and hybrid models feature a drive and steering system that controls each wheel individually. This gives our shuttle carriers the ability to move diagonally in a “crab” mode, or even carousel on the spot around its vertical axis. This high level of manoeuvrability enables much shorter work cycles when moving containers and can help reduce terminal congestion quayside and at your stack.


Kalmar Shuttle Carriers can cut your terminal operation costs and reduce your carbon emissions.


Eco-efficient:  you have a choice of highly efficient power units from our zero emission electrically powered Kalmar FastCharge™ Shuttle Carrier to our Hybrid Shuttle Carrier that can cut your existing emissions by up to 40% when compared to traditional diesel-powered equipment.

Highly productive: Most productive terminals in the world have adopted shuttle carriers as their transportation solution. Shuttle carriers decouple the movement of containers between the quayside and landside operations, helping your operators move containers safely, smoothly and efficiently.

Reliable: Every Kalmar Shuttle Carrier is fitted with robust mobile drives which are designed to be reliable in harsh working conditions. 

Safe: Kalmar Shuttle Carriers feature the strongest chassis in the container handling equipment industry, active stability control as standard and key components are protected within the chassis. With superior operator visibility and easily accessible servicing points your team will always stay safe and in control.


Different types of port shuttle carriers to choose from. 

Kalmar Shuttle Carriers are built on 70 years of experience working with terminal operators around the world and feature three different power sources, advanced safety features, one of the best operator experiences available and can be operated manually or automated. You just need to choose which is right for your business.


Kalmar AutoShuttle™ Carrier is our automated container handling shuttle carrier that allows you to choose the level of automation that is right for your terminal operations.

Kalmar FastCharge™ Shuttle Carrier produces zero emissions at source as it is battery powered using the latest battery technology.

Kalmar Hybrid Shuttle Carrier uses a regenerative energy system that can reduce your fuel bills and emissions by up to 40%.

Kalmar Shuttle Carrier uses an electric-diesel drive that offers high performance, reliability and excellent fuel efficiency.


An alternative solution, Kalmar Straddle Carriers

If you are looking for an alternative to a Kalmar Shuttle Carrier you may want to consider a Kalmar Straddle Carrier which are larger and can pick, place and even stack two containers at a time independently, giving you a cost-effective flexible solution as gantry cranes are not required to manage your stacks.