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Equipment upgrades

Be one step ahead.

Kalmar Equipment Upgrades have been designed to help you get more from your current fleet by extending the life of your equipment. Our extensive range of upgrades will help make your equipment more productive, safer to operate, more fuel efficient and meet regulatory requirements. All helping to keep your business one step ahead, by getting more out of your current equipment.

Improve your productivity.

By upgrading your equipment you can extend the lifetime and usage of your current fleet while increasing your competitiveness, saving you money and increasing productivity.

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Improve safety.

We offer a range of equipment upgrades and training courses that can reduce accidents and improve the operational safety of your equipment for both drivers and bystanders.

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Increase your eco-efficiency.

Increase the sustainability of your operations without compromising on performance with a choice of upgrades that help reduce your emissions and lower fuel consumption.

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Meet regulatory requirements.

Keep up-to-date with the latest legislation with upgrades that help you comply with local and global regulatory requirements, extending the lifetime of your current fleet and delaying the need to invest in new machines.

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