Straddle carriers

Excellent productivity, eco-efficiency and reliability with Kalmar's single solution for all your container handling needs.

Kalmar Straddle Carriers, for ports of the future.

Kalmar Straddle Carriers can provide you with a single flexible solution for container handling across your operations. Also known as Straddle Trucks or Shuttles, Kalmar Straddle Carriers are able to work in any part of your yard no matter what its shape, allowing you to maximise the space you have and reduce your capital costs, as one solution can handle many of your container handling processes.


Reduce collisions, accidents and damage with the collision warning system for straddle carriers

Straddle carriers for end-to-end terminal operations.

When you need a single solution for all your container handling needs end-to-end, Kalmar Straddle Carriers provide you with the ultimate flexibility. Not only can Kalmar Straddle Carriers operate effectively in any part of your yard, they can also operate in any shaped yard. Allowing you to optimise the usage of the space you have available.


Straddle carriers for shuttle operations.

Kalmar Straddle Carriers for shuttle operations enable you to decouple your container movements from quayside to landside, allowing your cranes to operate at their optimal best at all times. They are able to pick and place containers directly on the ground, so other cranes are never kept waiting and are free to get on with their main job, moving containers.

Kalmar Straddle Carriers provide you with the ultimate flexibility as they can:


  • Load and unload trucks
  • Carry containers and stack them up to 1 over 3
  • Work with other cranes seamlessly
  • Be integrated into your rail exchange
  • Move containers to and from reefer stacks
  • Operate effectively between your warehouse or depot and main yard.


Kalmar Straddle Carriers are highly eco-efficient, productive, reliable and safe to operate.


Eco-efficient: you have a choice of highly efficient power units from our zero emission Kalmar Electric Straddle Carrier to our Hybrid Straddle Carrier that can cut your existing emissions by up to 40% when compared to traditional diesel-powered equipment.

Highly productive: You can handle two containers at a time and stack up to four containers high, lifting up to 60 tonnes.
Reliable: Every Kalmar Straddle Carrier is fitted with robust mobile drives which are designed to be reliable in harsh working conditions.

Safe: Kalmar Straddle Carriers feature the strongest frame in the industry, with active stability control as standard and key components protected within the frame. With superior operator visibility and easily accessible servicing points, your team will always stay safe and in control.

Kalmar Straddle Carriers can be operated manually or be automated with Kalmar One Automation System and are available with a choice of different power sources - you just need to choose which is right for your business:


Kalmar AutoStrad™ is our automated container handling straddle carrier that allows you to choose the level of automation that is right for your terminal operations.

Kalmar Electric Straddle Carrier produces zero emissions at source as it has electric drive units using the latest lithium-ion battery technology and comes with CCS charging as standard. Kalmar FastCharge™ is available as an option and allows you to charge your straddle carrier opportunistically while it is working in your yard.

Kalmar Hybrid Straddle Carrier uses a regenerative energy system and stop start technology that can reduce your fuel bills and emissions by up to 40%.

Kalmar Diesel-Electric Straddle Carrier uses an electric-diesel drive that offers high performance and excellent fuel efficiency.


Why choose a Kalmar Straddle Carrier?


  • Kalmar Straddle Carriers are highly productive as they can handle up to two containers at a time and stack up to four containers high, lifting up to 60 tonnes
  • Kalmar Straddle Carriers have the strongest frame in the industry with a streamlined yet extremely rigid design which requires no external bracing
  • For manual operations our straddle carriers are fitted with an ergonomically designed cabin that puts everything in easy reach of your operators
  • All of our straddle carriers are easy and safe to service and have servicing intervals of up to 1,000 hours
  • Your operators will stay safe and in control at all times, as our whole range of straddle carriers are fitted with an active stability control system, continually monitoring speed, turning radius and spreader position and prevents accelerating your straddle carrier when required
  • All our straddle carriers also feature a winch rope hoist system with only eight pulleys, making them highly efficient, safer and easier to maintain than other lifting system alternatives.


Frequently asked questions:

What does a straddle carrier do?

Kalmar Straddle Carriers are able to pick and place containers around your yard independently of other equipment allowing you to decouple your operations between your quayside and landside operations.

What does a straddle carrier cost?

The cost of a Kalmar Straddle Carrier is dependent on your requirements and specifications, to receive an estimated cost please speak directly to us.

How long does an electric straddle carrier take to charge?

If you have chosen to have your straddle carriers fitted with Kalmar FastCharge then you can charge your equipment while it is working in your yard. If using the standard CCS charger your straddle carrier is ready to operate for up to 4 hours after 45 minutes charging.

Have you discontinued using the name Kalmar Shuttle Carrier?

Yes, we have decided that all our equipment previously referred to as Kalmar Shuttle Carriers will now be uniformly known as Kalmar Straddle Carriers. We differentiate between the two types of operations: end-to-end operations and shuttle operations.


Kalmar Collision Warning System improves safety at Maher Terminals

Maher Terminals LLC is a leading multi-user container terminal operator running North America’s largest marine container terminal in the Port of New York and New Jersey. Maher Terminals also operates the world's largest straddle carrier fleet comprising over 270 Kalmar machines. The company has recently installed the Kalmar Collision Warning System on 36 of its straddle carriers, with a further 68 machines to follow in 2024 and 2025. The goal is to eventually install the system on all machines in the fleet.

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