Forklift Trucks

Benefit from outstanding efficiency, safety and reliability combined with low operating costs.

Performance at its best.


Since 1949, Kalmar has been the preferred brand among quality-aware forklift truck drivers and owners. The trucks are renowned and appreciated for their outstanding efficiency, safety, reliability – and of course their low operating cost. 

The time is now: Going electric with all your forklift operations

During this webinar we will answer the most burning questions about going electric.

Our Offering

Broekman Logistics, The Netherlands

Heavy handling at full speed. Broekman logistics rapid expansion required a flexible and reliable partner.

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DFDS, The Netherlands

Non-stop logistic operations. In Europe’s busiest port every second matters.

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Hilmer Andersson, Sweden

Swedish family-owned sawmill AB Hilmer Andersson made a clear decision when it came to choosing its forklifts. Five Kalmar DCG140-6 machines offer high performance and productivity and a more comfortable environment for drivers.

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Truffer, Switzerland

Truffer AG operates of one of Switzerland’s largest quarries. Its new heavyweight champion is the DCF500 forklift – its lift capacity of 50 tonnes makes it the perfect machine for transporting stone blocks at the company's alpine quarry.

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