Kalmar Modernisation Services

Equipment inspections, repairs, upgrades, automation and digitalisation services.

Kalmar Modernisation Services enables you to upgrade your fleet including Automatic Stacking Cranes (ASC), Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs), Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMGs), Ship to Shore Cranes (STS), Shuttle and Straddle Carriers and help maximise their performance. With our industry-leading experts and decades-long experience we can help you lower your fleet’s total cost of ownership and adapt to your changing operational requirements. 

Kalmar’s portfolio of modernisation services will help extend the life of your equipment, optimise its performance and make sure your operations stay as safe, productive and reliable as possible. From smaller upgrades to major overhauls – Kalmar’s experienced team will help make more of what you already have and prepare your fleet for an automated and eco-efficient future.

We offer a range of solutions that are broken up into four different modules and are suitable for ASCs, RTGs, RMGs, STSs, Shuttle and Straddle Carriers.


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Know where you stand with your fleet today. Equipment inspections will help you identify what repairs, refurbishments and upgrades are needed to ensure that your fleet stays as safe, productive and reliable as possible. Our experts determine the appropriate inspection level, conduct the agreed inspection and deliver a structured report on the findings including the next steps to take.


We provide:


  • Drone inspections
  • Visual and functional inspections based on checklists 
  • Structural inspections


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Repairs and refurbishments

Unexpected equipment availability issues and costs are risks that can be managed by taking good care of your equipment throughout its lifetime. By refurbishing your aging equipment, you can extend the life of your fleet in a cost-effective way. From smaller repairs to extensive overhauls, our team will ensure your equipment works optimally today, and tomorrow: extending the life and maximising the value of your investment.


We provide for example:


  • Equipment repair and refurbishment projects (Kalmar & 3rd party equipment)
  • Key component repairs and remanufacturing (e.g. engines, drives, gearboxes, batteries)
  • Mobile crane bearing replacements


Just like the world around us, your operational needs are constantly evolving. We can keep you up to speed on the latest modernisation options available for your equipment, enabling you to adapt your equipment to meet changing operational requirements or ever-tightening legislative regulations. Kalmar’s range of upgrade and retrofit services will help you optimise and improve your fleet's performance and reduce their carbon footprint.


We provide for example:


Automation and digitalisation

Digitising your fleet creates new possibilities for optimising your operations. Our range of retrofits gives you access to your equipment data, which allows you to take a step by step approach to automating your operations in the future.

With Kalmar Insight, you get an overview of your fleet's performance allowing you to continually optimise your operations based on timely operational data.

Kalmar SmartPort Process Automation solutions can help you move containers more efficiently as well as optimise your operational productivity and safety. Kalmar also offers a step by step approach to automation for brownfield terminals; from remote controlled to fully automated operations. Our automation and digitisation retrofits are applicable for both Kalmar and 3rd party equipment.


We provide for example:


  • Kalmar SmartPort Process Automation solution
  • Kalmar Insight (overview on your fleet's performance)
  • Equipment automation retrofits